Early Bon Voyage Party

Pictures from my Bon Voyage party with the girls from Skyview. Jacki, you are the sweetest for hosting this party, it hardly seems like 2 years ago we joined Skyview .  I am very lucky to call you all friend.  The food was incredible and the people well that goes without saying. I had a great time and the Bellinitinis(peach vodka, Hypnotique and champagne) were the perfect drink, they were a light blue and looked like the color of the sea.  I will miss all you guys the four months I am away but I am planning on returning so I am giving you all fair warning, haha

Bon Voyage party 004Bon Voyage party 007Bon Voyage party 008Bon Voyage party 010Bon Voyage party 011Bon Voyage party 016

Bon Voyage party 014Bon Voyage party 015Bon Voyage party 017Bon Voyage party 019Bon Voyage party 020

Bon Voyage party 013

1 thought on “Early Bon Voyage Party

  1. jacki

    Angie, I finally got a view of the party. So happy you enjoyed! Will miss U on your travels. Will have to plan for the welcome home prty and of course cocktail! Bon Voyage, jacki


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