Our luggage was picked up by Fed Ex yesterday, I hope I see it again  Saturday in our cabin.  It is not easy to pack for a 4 month trip, we do have washer & dryers on board but it is hard to decide what clothes to pack and then there is the shoes dilemma.  I am not even going to admit how many pairs I packed.  Men have it so easy, one pair of brown, one black, sneakers, and a pair of sandals, done.  Women not so easy, have to have this color for that dress, one pair for dress slacks,  different flip flops for different outfits,  etc, it gets complicated.  I hope we have a really BIGGGGGGG closet in our cabin.  If not I do not know where Kelly is going to put his clothes, haha.

We still have one bag we are taking with us and then of course our 3 cases of wine.  Our room is going to look like a storage locker, I sure hope I understood correctly and they have a place to store our empty suitcases, I don’t think all of these will fit under bed.

We are leaving Friday, renting a car and staying overnight in Ft. Lauderdale just a few blocks from the port at the Hyatt  Regency Pier 66.

Stay tuned


7 thoughts on “Luggage

    1. jacki

      Good luck with the shoes, don’t forget that you may find some fabulous, have to have ones along the way. Maybe Kelly should leave on of his behind!

  1. June and Tom

    only 3 cases?? guess you will be shopping in the booze stores! Just think of all the stuff you can buy…..omg, you will be sending steamer trunks home. Have a wonderful time new bfs!

  2. Lisa Pisha

    I’m obviously just now catching up on your blog – I started from the top down instead of the other way around so I got out of sequence…ha! It’s a Monday and some of us have to work, so that means today sucks!! 😉
    So, how did the closet go? Did you get everything stowed away?


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