Embarkation Day

Day 1

Saturday Jan 7th




This is a daytime photo of Steven Spielberg’s mega yacht, notice the hailing port, Georgetown, Bermuda.  Guess he could only afford to pay 200 million for the yacht but not the taxes to the IRS. Okay that is my only rant for the day.




Well the day is finally here, pretty exciting.  We woke up to drizzles and gray skies, sure hope that changes for our departure. 

Embarkation for us went very smoothly, we arrived to the port around 11:30 and were on the ship just after Noon.  We heard later in the day people were standing in line for 2 hours and one woman actually passed and had to be taken to the hospital to get checked, no concussion.  Our room was not quite ready but we were able to get a peek and drop off our hand luggage, It is nice I think we will be comfortable in it for the 4 months.  We are the second to the last cabin on starboard side, should not get much traffic walking by just hope we do not feel too much off the vibration from the props.  There is a Jacuzzi tub with a shower, it is quite small, good thing I am not very tall, this will feel good after a long day of exploring. Off to lunch on the Lido deck, no self serve for the next 2 days, they are hoping this help eliminate the spreading of diseases, particularly the Noro virus, which they had 2 breakouts on this  before we boarded.  Crossing my fingers, I had this once and it is horrible, I will be washing my hands a lot.

Our luggage started arriving one by one, which is good, it gave me a little time to get things put away before the next arrived.  When we first arrived I thought this room is not bad, now that I have all the luggage it is starting to look a little smaller, where am I going to put all of this stuff.  I had read blogs that said okay pack your bags, now take half the clothes out that you packed, I wished I had listened.   I just kept adding things, when you are going to gone for 4 month you never what you may want or need so my philosophy was “what the heck pack it”  well now I have to find a place for it.  The best idea I had was to bring an over the door shoe organizer , nor for my shoes, but for the bathroom to hang over the door to hold all of our toiletries. 

After the long day and all of the unpacking, we were too tired to get cleaned up and go the the dining room, so room service for tonight.   Just kicked backed with a glass of wine waiting for someone to make my dinner, loving it!

Till tomorrow


4 thoughts on “Embarkation Day

  1. John

    I am so excited for you both. I will be living through the both of you for the next 4 months. I love the first few photos. Looks like a nice place to spend a few months.


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