First Sea Day

Not really much to tell about today, pretty uneventful. We   went to the restaurant for breakfast and sat  with a couple from Albuquerque, this was their 4th world cruise. Then at 10:30 I attended a Meet & Greet that was put on for the Facebook fans of Holland America’s.  Not too many people attended but I was able to meet some very nice and interesting  people.   Finally  I found some other people who were doing their fist world cruise, I was beginning to think Kelly and I were the only newbies  on the ship.  Went to the Lido for lunch still no self serve.  There is a culinary Arts theatre on board (it is also the movie theatre), so I attended what I thought was a demonstration which just turned out to be a lecture of the foods of Columbia and Ecuador.  The food prep demo is in the morning, I will try to get to some of these and maybe learn some new dishes I can try on some you when we get back, watch out!


Finally made it to dinner in the main dining room, we have a table for two, Kelly was afraid of getting stuck with bad table mates and didn’t want to have to sit with them for 4 months.  Or else insult them by having our table changed.  There are a lot of empty tables and some that are not full so maybe we can join up with some fellow passengers for dinner later in the cruise.  After being together 24/7 it is hard to continue having conversation throughout dinner, we run out of things to talk about.  No show for us tonight, it was a comedienne and we were not just not up to it. 


Till tomorrow


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