Cartagena, Columbia

Day 4

January 8, 2013






















I cannot tell you how happy I am this morning, we are pulling into a port, the boat has stopped rocking and I am not seasick.  I am going to have to break down and take motion sickness pills, no way around that. 

We arrived in Cartagena  this morning at 7:00, the first thing  we noticed is all the apartment buildings are the same color.  Not a very exciting skyline.  We are docking at the container port which is in the newer section of the city.  A shuttle bus is provided to take us to the port terminal, which really isn’t very far at all.  There is a very new port terminal complete with an air conditioned gift shop with all the local crafts and products.  Molas which are very colorful and beautiful handicrafts form different brightly colored fabrics cut out and hand sewn together,  you  can get this in  pot holders, glass cases, pillow covers, etc.  Then of course their famous coffee, rums and chocolates.

We bypassed all of these goodies and  set out for our walk to the historic old town surrounded by a city wall.  We were told it is about a 2 mile walk to the city, what they didn’t say was it is not a picturesque walk by any means, just a lot of cars, scooters and smog.  Then you factor in the temps are in the 90’s and with the heat index it is around 100.  Needless to say Kelly is not too happy with my deciding I wanted to walk to the old city, I kept hearing isn’t this far enough.  Well we finally made it, didn’t even get lost once.  The clock tower pictured above is where you enter the walled city, the architecture is suppose to be grand but really didn’t get to see much of it, we only had a short day in port our ship was leaving at 1:00. You can get a glimpse of some it the pictures above. 


When we arrived back at the ship we calculated we had walked 5 1/2 miles, now that is not really  a lot but when you factor in the heat, Wow!  So once on ship we decided to take the elevator up the 7 floors to our room, this is the first time we have used the elevators since we have been aboard.  They  put a mat in there telling you what day it is,  I am sure as the days go by I will start forgetting what day it is now all I have to do is look in the elevator, haha.

3 thoughts on “Cartagena, Columbia

  1. Kris

    Sorry about the motion sickness Angie. I know I would be sick the entire time and walking in 90’s not my favorite but kudos to you and Kelly for doing it….. Take Care Kris


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