Sea Day

Day 7

January 12, 2013

That casino must have worn me out last night, we slept in till 8:00a.m.  But who cares we  have a sea day and not much planned.  Just did my usual 2 1/2 mile walk, lunch and Mahjong.  Tonight is formal night, not going to the main dining room.  I hope I can talk Kelly into going to at least one of these , we have 19 all together.  Tonight’s theme is black & silver ball. 

Afternoon laundry, cocktail hour and the off to dinner at the casual Lido. Surf & Turf for me, Wahoo for Kelly.

John Amos from Roots and the Mary Tyler Moore show is aboard the ship and they have been playing the full mini series of Roots.  Kelly wanted to head back and see part 4.  I on the other hand wanted to see what was happening around the ship so I dressed up in my black & silver and took off to see what I could find.  Not much I tell you, it was too early for the big ball it wasn’t until 10p.m..  So what’s a girl to do, off to the casino and back to my favorite slot machine.  She was not as generous to me tonight but I did walk away even.

Till tomorrow


1 thought on “Sea Day

  1. June and Tom

    you are always a winner! and what the hell was that monster backpack on Kelly? that is some pic and he is some guy!


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