Sea Day

Day 5

January 10, 2013


Can I just say I LOVE room service, woke up this morning to our coffee and breakfast being delivered to the room.  Ahhhhhh.

Today we cross the equator, weather is cloudy but very warm and humid.  Pretty much exactly what you would expect for this latitude.  Not a very eventful day, I have joined a group of ladies to play Mahjong  with in the afternoon on sea days.  I have to say it is not as much fun without wine Smile.  In the afternoon we went to the movies, they have a little theater on board,  to see Arbitrage, with Richard Gere.  Good movie. 


Right now our typical sea day consists of first breakfast, the Kelly goes to the gym, I generally walk 2-3 miles on deck, after that I come back to work on my blog, we meet up for lunch, I go to Mahjong from 1-3   come back to the room to  clean up for dinner and have our happy hour.  We have an early seating for dinner at 5:30, the a show after dinner back to our room for some reading before light outs. 


Today though we had an extra long happy hour and neither one of us wanted to get dressed for dinner, so we opted for the Lido deck buffet instead.  The nice thing on this ship is they serve exactly the same meal in the lIdo Restaurant as the Main Dining Room so you do not miss out on anything. 


Till tomorrow


5 thoughts on “Sea Day

  1. Phyllis

    We’re enjoying your cruise. Don’t know why flag was half mast. Do you get world news? The US is having a flu epidemic and debating gun control. Very warm weather here. Lisa’s mother broke her wrist so no Mah Jongg for us yet. Nancy busy since she’s at the Villages. Miss you two. P.

  2. John Ferguson

    Sometimes you can’t beat a good dinner in a sweatsuit or pajamas. Especially if you get the same food. Sounds like you are adjusting so sea life quite well.

    Alex is walking all over the place.

  3. anne finnin

    I’m enjoying keeping up with all the new experiences, Panama Canal quite interesting. Keep up the good work and time. Missing you at Sky.


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