Sea Day

Day 8

January 13, 2013

Another sea day.  The weather has been really nice, we now have the winds, which have diminished, on our starboard bow. No more rolling, actually very calm seas haven’t had to take a seasickness pill for a few days now, Yay.  After our 2 mile walk this morning we decided to go up and play some paddle tennis.  The court is smaller than a regular sized tennis court, you have paddles that are wood and have holes, but you  use regular tennis balls.  We met another couple who come up every morning to play, thought we would join them this morning.  The paddle is much shorter than my regular racquet, more like the length of a racquetball racquet so I had a hard time in the beginning adjusting to how far I should be away from the ball.  Needless to say I hit the end of the racquet a lot which sent the ball spraying all over.  I am sure this other couple was thrilled I came up this morning to hit with them.  After  they left Kelly and I played and I started hitting much better, we played a set and we ended up going to a tie break, he won but I put up a good fight Smile

the rest was just a typical day at sea, nice and relaxing.  I played Mahjong for a while, we went to the movies to see”You May Not kiss the Bride”, what a silly movie,  only made it through half the show, we pretty much knew how it was going to end.

Remember the Ecuadorian tuna I told you about, well it was finally on tonight’s menu.  I have to tell you this was the best tuna I have ever had,  it was served with a ginger seasoning, veggie and rice, outstanding.  I would say the best meal we’ve had so far.  After dinner we went to the show which consisted of a comedienne and a violinist,  not at the same time of course.  But I still thought that was an odd pairing for a show.  They were both quite good. 

Tomorrow we are in port, Lima, we shall see what adventures that brings.

Till tomorrow


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