Lima, Peru

Day 9

Jan 14, 2013


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We arrived at Lima this morning in pea soup, could hear our ship blowing its fog horn.  In the first few pictures you can see the fog bank rolling in, it was really a beautiful sight. I am sure the captain is not seeing the same beauty I am right now. We have a tug on each side of us, plus one off our stern, just in case we run into any trouble.  Maybe that was a bad choice of words,”run into”.   They experience a lot of fog in this area due to the Humboldt current which is a cold current that interacts with the warm air.  This current also keeps the temperature lower in this region, our high today is only suppose to be in the upper 70’s , wasn’t expecting that being as we are so close the equator. 

We are actually docked in Callao which is the port city for Lima, not a very picturesque harbor.  Also it not recommended you not  walk around in this area, it is a very poor section and quite dangerous.  Lima has a population of 8 million so you can imagine how large , crowded and noisy it is.  The cruise has provided a shuttle into Mira Flores, which is a seaside suburb of Lima.  We opted for this instead of heading into central Lima, we were warned that Lima has a lot crime and pickpockets. Last year a woman was on a Holland America excursion and was waiting to get on the bus and a kid rode by his bike and snatched her purse.  I really do not want to have to look over my shoulder all the time worrying, that takes all the enjoyment out of the experience.    The shuttle to Mira Flores started running at 9a.m. we arrived around 9:15, it seems they sent all five buses at the same time, now it is a 45 minute to an hour ride each way, you do the math and figure out how long we had to wait for the next bus.  There were a lot of unhappy campers out on the pier needless to say.  

We were dropped off at the Marriott hotel right across from a 3 story outdoor mall right on the beach, complete with all the chain stores and restaurants.  We walked around there a bit but didn’t stay long not our cup of tea.   So we went off to seek out the Peruvian pyramids, Huaca Pucllana, that were built 900 years before Machu Picchu .  We walked around 4 miles in the city so I think we earned the rights to our Churrasco BBQ the ship has in store for us this afternoon along with a Peruvian band and then later this evening we were treated to a Peruvian dance show. 



We are in Lima for two days, I believe to accommodate those going to Macchu Picchu .  After our experience yesterday having to wait sooooo long for the shuttle and it just being a very large, noisy, crowded city , I think we will stay on the ship tomorrow and enjoy her amenities.

Till tomorrow


Hello Friends…isn’t Angie’s blog splendid? As for my 2 cents worth, the cruise is living up to my expectations thus far & when we sail away from these South American industrial ports I’m confident they will be exceeded. The time away from “reality” has somewhat soften the devastating loss of my son At Christmas time. I know the pain will never go away completely, time has a way of healing us from life’s terrible blows.

Enough of my whining…the Amsterdam is a lovely if somewhat aging(2000)  mid size 5 star cruise ship. Being a gym rat, I have been working out often. I must say that after Citrus Hills’ Bella Vita gym, the ship’s gym is lacking & dated. I must sound like a gym snob but so be it. The ship also sports a small paddle ball court on her port side. The game is similar to pickle ball with a oversize ping pong paddle and similar court dimensions The balls however are non pressurized tennis balls versus whiffle type balls used in pickle ball. Deck 3 is our walking deck with 3.5 laps to the mile. It can really be a push through a 40  knot while at sea. Sea legs are a must. Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t speak of the food on the good ship lollypop…lots of it at variable quality. Most impressive to me is the salads….very fresh….good variety. And most of the sea food has pleased my palate with cobia&rainbow trout on the menu tonight. Our stateroom is” fairly” roomy with a nice balcony with lounge ,chair&small table with said cabin @ the starboard stern part of the ship which offers us quick access to the aft pool & lido eatery. One of the reasons I like cruise ships the numerous options of activities or inactivity’s…for example: on a “boring” sea day; breakfast @ 7 looking out at 9 foot rollers and seeing the pool water slosh about before you head to tai chi movements before a port talk before a cooking lecture before a movie before a …………….power nap….almost forgot I’m in my declining years.

Well then…that is my nickel for now…..more to come….stay tune.


4 thoughts on “Lima, Peru

  1. Eric & Martha McBride

    It sounds like your having a great time. We’re following your every blog. Martha and I just booked a cruise that includes 3 days on land in Egypt then 14 days cruising through the Suez Canal to the Holy Lands then on to Greece and ending in Rome. Wish we could do a 4 monther but can’t afford it. We will continue to enjoy your good time through the Blog. I hope you got the recipe for the Tuna – we look forward to having it for dinner when you return. Eric & Martha

  2. Jim

    Kelly, my brother just had the same loss as you almost the same story, it has been hard. I like your stories keep them coming. Carol

  3. Dianne Marsh

    Sounds like a lot of adventure. I went to Lima years ago a very ancient city and it is very poor downtown.. I did go to Macchu Picchu and it was as fabulous and full of history as could be. Glad to hear Kelly’s side of it and he is doing well. XXX


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