Sea Day

Day 15

January 20,2013

Our last sea day before Easter Island, captain announced today he is pretty certain Anakara Beach is out for a tender local, most likely off the town of Hanga Rua. It is okay with us either way, just exciting to be there, we have not seen a ship or anything, maybe a petrel for 2 days now.  We did have a couple of stowaways , a pigeon and a small bird had to take refuge on our decks till our next port of call or till we were close enough they could fly.  They will have to catch the next ship heading the other to take them home, 2000 miles is a long ways to fly.


I attended a photography class today, it is one of a four part series.  Our instructor is a food photographer, Christine Peters, from Los Angeles.  Today  she explained the different settings on our cameras what they mean and how they interact with each other.  As she is a food photographer, the chef is going to plate some dishes for us to shoot and she will instruct us with our different cameras how best to take the shot.  The class is limited to 20 people, I was very lucky to get in,  in order to get some one on one time with our different cameras.  No two people in this class have the same camera should be interesting. 

Out internet has been down for 2 days that is why you did not see posts from us for awhile, we are out in the middle of nowhere with no satellite pings.  I will most likely only be able to send post with no pictures or maybe just one or two until we get to Tahiti on Jan 27th.  I have tried to send my post from General San Marti, Peru 4 times and it was always interrupted or were knocked off line, very frustrating.

Till tomorrow


5 thoughts on “Sea Day

  1. carolah1

    Hi Angie, I love reading your blog- You’re really a long
    way from home! Great pictures – can’t wait to see the food. I think
    taking great photos of food is Really challenging. Have fun! Miss
    you on the tennis courts. Cheers, Carol Hirsch

  2. jacki

    Sounds like things ar egoing well. How are you making out
    with your limited shoes! I thought Kelly was feeding the pelicans.
    Keep posting loving it.


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