Sea Day

Day 12

January 17, 2013

Not much really to tell about today, I just hope we keep up with weather all the way to Easter Island, Light winds and a calm sea Smile. Went to a port talk this morning about Easter Island, seeing as their no protected harbors it is all predicated on the weather as to where and if we can anchor off the coast and tender in.  One of the anchorages is near the only city of Hanga Roa and the other is in the northern region near Anakena Beach, I am hoping for Anakena Beach

Before I came on this ship I was a little concerned about being bored, well so far that has not happened. So far I have only read one book.

For you foodies out there,  I had five spice shrimp for dinner, Kelly had pompano.  The presentation of these dishes are beautiful, if I remember I will take a camera to dinner with me. 

till tomorrow


Hello landlubbers,

We are 3 days away from South America with yet another full sea day before a 9am arrival Monday @ an anchorage off the sw coast of the remote, mysterious Easter Island. Due to no safe harbors to dock in, we will be tendered in to a pier a mere .5 miles from only the real town on the island of 3,000 souls. Everybody who has never been to Easter is really stoked to setting foot  on the distant bucket list giant. Weather permitting we hope to explore the quarry where most of the statues were cut from the soft volcanic rock &  hopefully a dash north to what is said to be a jewel of a beach. It should be a photographer’s delight. I’m sure we will sleep well after intense 9 hours of exploration before we sail westward for 2 days before stopping at Pitcairn Isd. where locals ( mostly Bounty mutineers descendants) will board with their wares for a visit. You can bet I will spring for a cap or t-shirt. There are only about 40 people living on the tiny, remote rock. Many with the sur name Christian.

After 2 weeks into the cruise on the good ship Amsterdam I have seen most of the 1300 guests and met many. It is amazing how many have done multiple world cruises. One very old lady is on her 10th. Her husband died many years ago and she is putting his money to good use. Most passengers are in their 70s with a few bored looking teens & a odd fellow who looks as though he lived under the 7 mile bridge and hit the lotto to afford the cruise…however he forgot to bring more then his bridge garb…don’t think we will see him on formal nights. Many of the folks appear to be stroke victims or suffer from dementia….many use scooters, wheelchairs , and a few seldom leave their stateroom taking advantage of the 24-7 room service….it sure beats most rest homes. I have signed up for chorus and we will give performances midway & at the end of the cruise. Also, I’m in the Sunday service choir…so boredom is not an issue.

More later,


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