sea Day

Day 13

January 18,2013

It is a long way to Easter Island, sure am glad we have great weather and calm seas. 

There is not much really to say  about our sea days, but they do offer a lot of options to keep us busy.  Today I attended a Microsoft workshop dealing with cloud/skydrive, not sure how much you can learn in an hour class. But we did  get some handouts so I will have to study this more when I get home and have unlimited internet connection.  Just a note on internet, I bought 500 minutes for $175, it is not cheap and it is very slow. 

Also went to a meet & greet for first time world cruisers, they served us champagne and mimosas, had a nice time and met some more of our fellow passengers.  I found out our tour director Bruce, he is about one year older than me, grew up in Rosedale Park, then moved to Wayne and graduated from Wayne Memorial High School.


that’s all for today

till tomorrow


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