Sea Day

Day 14

January 19, 2013

General San Martin, Peru, Parakas 001004009


Another sea day, so not much to talk about, so I will share with some of the gifts we have received while on board to commemorate our world cruise.  The fist was a beautiful black box that contained a journal and two leather luggage tags.  The second is a canvas tote bag, we won’t look much like a tourist carrying that around will we?  The third is a digital photo frame.  Each formal night we have returned to find these gifts on our bed, nice surprises.


Kelly and I went to a snorkelers and scuba divers meeting today.  Kelly is setting up a dive in Moorea. Us snorkelers are meeting up the morning we arrive in Moorea and will try to bargain a snorkel trip with one of the vendors.  Tahiti is very expensive so we hope having a group of 12 will help defer some of the cost. 


till tomorrow


1 thought on “Sea Day

  1. Lindsay

    I am so excited for your visit to Easter Island. It sounds like it will be quite an amazing experience. I am really looking forward to the pictures. I love that Kelly is in the choir. They will definitely put on a great show with him involved. I knew you would make lots of friends, so that’s no surprise, but I am glad that you are finding many ways to stay busy. What a great experience!
    Hey, on another more selfish note, Adriel just came back from Africa and brought me a chitenge. Naturally, I have already lost it. If you see them when you’re in Africa, will you pick one (or two) up for me? Love you guys!!!


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