Sea Day


January 25, 2013

Pearl Fashion Show 001Pearl Fashion Show 002

Pearl Fashion Show 015Pearl Fashion Show 023


Pearl Fashion Show 028Pearl Fashion Show 030


I was asked to model Pearls for a pearl fashion show on board along with 9 other ladies.  We had to dress up, they kept our champagne glasses full and adorned us with  very expensive but beautiful jewelry.  I was wearing black pearls, the necklace only cost $18,000, the earrings $15,000 and the ring a mere $7,000.   I could not believe that told we could wear the jewelry to dinner that night if we wanted, some opted to that but I gave mine back I did not want all that responsibility.  Anyways it was a lot of fun with free champagne, not  a bad way to while away the day at sea Smile

Till tomorrow


5 thoughts on “Sea Day

  1. Lisa Pisha

    I agree with all the above comments. I thought (pre-reading your blog) that you got some “bling” on your trip. Tell Kelly to throw it on the Platinum card and call it a day!! Ha ha. How fun!!


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