Papeete, Tahiti

Day 22

January 27,2013


Papeete, Tahiti 013Papeete, Tahiti 046Papeete, Tahiti 052Biggest lobster I have ever seenPapeete, Tahiti 057Papeete, Tahiti 066Papeete, Tahiti 070Papeete, Tahiti 071Papeete, Tahiti 077Papeete, Tahiti 082Papeete, Tahiti 083Papeete, Tahiti 086Papeete, Tahiti 087Papeete, Tahiti 090Kelly singing Tiny Bubbles with a local Tahitian


Papeete, Tahiti 092Papeete, Tahiti 110Papeete, Tahiti 148Papeete, Tahiti 168Papeete, Tahiti 174Papeete, Tahiti 188Papeete, Tahiti 211Papeete, Tahiti 219Papeete, Tahiti 272Papeete, Tahiti 283Papeete, Tahiti 304Papeete, Tahiti 333



wow after 5 days it sure is nice to see land and will be great to get off and explore.  As I mentioned before Kelly & I were here about 25 yrs. when we chartered a sailboat out of Raiatea.  We stayed at the Sofitel here in Papeete for a couple of days prior to our sailing.  Things sure have changed it is much more built up, more cars than I remember, and of course many more houses built in the mountainside.  We opted not to take a tour here, just walk and explore on our own.  The first place we headed was to the Marche`, market, as it was Sunday and they were going to close at 9 a.m.  The farmer, butchers and fisherman all selling their wares.  The volcanic soil is so rich here, they have every kind of fruit or vegetable you can imagine. The fish is so fresh as we walked through the fish market area their was not a fishy smell at all. I saw the biggest lobster I have ever seen, I took a picture of above but I do not think it really shows his size.  The flowers here are so colorful and beautiful, our florist on board he was in town early snagging up some for our floral arrangements on board.  It was a hot and humid day so of course we had to stop and have an ice cold glass of Hinano, the local brew.  It is quite pricey here the 2 beers cost us $15, Ouch!

Back of board the ship they had an afternoon Tahitian show in the afternoon, we did not want to miss that.  I have never seen booties hake so fast, there were 7 girls in the show, Kelly fell in love 7 times. I am going to have to watch him, he may turn into Fletcher Christian,  start a mutiny on the ship and we will never leave French Polynesia.

till tomorrow


P.S. Tom & Phyllis I found the next charter boat for us, I didn’t get to look inside but isn’t it cute.

Papeete, Tahiti 117

Hello all,

Yes…it is easy to see why “Mr. Christian mutinied here. Wonderful food, drink, weather & wahines…maybe I should have placed them first. Mind blowing beauty everywhere…its so easy to get lost in tranquility here. Can you tell I like it here?


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