Sea Day

Day 21

January 26,2013

Three weeks today since we have set out  and have sailed some 7 or 8,000 miles and I think the best is yet too come.  We keep setting our clocks back an hour each night so I am waking up pretty early, so I decided to go to water aerobics this morning.  Well between the pool being too crowded  and the swell causing the water to slosh back and forth it was interesting.  Then I went to a port talk on Auckland, we were here before but it has been a long time, we have decided to take a sail on one of the America cups boats while there I hope the weather is good, that’s another 10 days down the road though.

Tomorrow Papeete,Tahiti, we are excited to get off this ship and get on some terra firma.  We have been to Papeete before but that was 25 years, I am sure things have changed.


Till tomorrow


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