Bora Bora

Day 24

January 29, 2013

Bora Bora 039Bora Bora 044Bora Bora 035Bora Bora 047Bora Bora 073Bora Bora 078Bora Bora 076Bora Bora 095Bora Bora 126Bora Bora 099Bora Bora 122Bora Bora 148Bora Bora 165Bora Bora 202

Another beautiful French Polynesia island. This is a tender port, the island is surrounded by a barrier reef and many motus which protect the inside lagoon which make it a perfect playground for many water sports. We anchored in Pofai Bay and tendered into the village of Vaitape the islands main settlement.

They say this is the most romantic island in the world, with the privacy of the overwater bungalows, the emerald green water, many newlyweds have spent their honeymoons on this island.  What I still cannot figure out is how this is possible.  Usually the wedding cost an arm and a leg, newlyweds are usually just starting out and don’t have a lot of money and this is also one of the most expensive places to visit, so make one wonder who is honeymooning here, the rich and famous.  We opted to rent a scooter,  around $60 including the gas, and tour the island on our own today, first stop the famous  Bloody  Mary’s , the second row of pictures below is the ladies room with a beautiful little garden setting and the waterfall sink.  The third rows picture is the men’s urinal surrounded by beautiful volcanic rock and bamboo, but he most interesting is what you have to pull to flush the urinal which is in the next picture. The Polynesians sure have a sense of humor. 

Bora Bora 053Bora Bora 054Bora Bora 065

Bora Bora 062Bora Bora 057


Bora Bora 059Bora Bora 060

Next stop Matira beach, a beautiful white sandy beach with crystal clear turquoise waters, had to take a dip, the water was a little cooler than in Moorea but still pretty warm.  From here we just circled the island taking in all the beautiful vistas. Back during WW II , Bora Bora was used as a military supply base, there are still remnants left from this time and we are in search of one of the cannons built up in the hills across the lagoon from the pass.  This is one of the roads, if you can call it that, we took up into the hills in search of this cannon, maybe not such a good idea, we had a rainshower pass over uswhile up there and the road became a muddy mess, with all the gravel and potholes made for a slow ride back down plus we never did find that cannon. Now after getting soaked and the long hot ride around the island, we came acoss Bora Bora Marina and had to stop for a cold Hinano.  All in all a great day on a beautiful island.


Bora Bora 155Bora Bora 154Bora Bora 164

Bora Bora 171Bora Bora 169

While sailing out for our next port of call what do we see up on the hill, the cannon. It has so much foliage surrounding it no wonder we couldn’t see it.

Bora Bora 196

Till tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Bora Bora

  1. Kris

    Angie I always wanted to travel to Bora, Bora but looked at the prices and thought to myself that will never happen, It does look beautiful though… You must feel very lucky………


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