Sea Day

Day 27

February 1, 2013

today was my scheduled class with Christine the Food Photographer.  We were to meet in the Main dining room and Kevin one of our chefs will plate a dish for us to shoot.  Now I have to admit I did not really learn much from this particular class. Mostly what happened is she showed the process of a shoot and then we were able to take a picture of the plate when she was through. The first picture was taken with my Nikon SLR and the second with my point and shoot.  

018misc photos, food flowers, etc 002

Because of my class today I had to practice at dinner, I took these with my little point and shoot camera. I obviously need to use this camera more often as these pictures are not focused.  I am practicing with my point and shoot as I have learned there are a lot more settings on it than I had realized.  And it sure is a lot lighter to carry around the my SLR.

misc photos, food flowers, etc 014misc photos, food flowers, etc 015misc photos, food flowers, etc 018misc photos, food flowers, etc 022

Tomorrow we pass through the International Date Line

Till tomorrow


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