The day that never was

February 2, 2013

As I told you yesterday we were passing the International Dateline, so we completely missed a day.  February 2nd never was for us. We went to bed Friday night and woke up to Sunday morning. Weird! 

Till tomorrow


Feb. 4  ( Local) 2013

We are watching the superbowl on a Monday here as we are about 100miles from New Zealand. So far the commercials have outpaced the game. Beyoncé should liven things up halftime.

As Angie probably mentioned, we could not land on Raratonga due to the big swell. So we sailed on SW toward NZ some 1700nm downwind. The seas have been gentle from behind us which have made passengers look less like too much tequila drinkers. Tomorrow we tie up in Auckland after 5 sea days that were spend roaming the ship (10 decks, no stairs) meditation, church service, making smoothies, staff interviews, port lectures, eating, pool time, afternoon movies, eating, evening variety shows in the ship theater, eating, gym, & sleeping to the sound and feel of the waves lulling of like a soothing lullaby. We have met so many world cruisers that lost count of the number of WC they have been on…I say its mo betta (Detroit English) then a rest home! I am super excited about returning to NZ & Australia…2 of my favorites of my travels. We are sailing on a Americas cup racing sailboat in Auckland which should be a rush. I have been on & owned many sailboats….but never on a build for speed (think Ferrari) type.

More Later,


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