Sea Day Feb 3rd

Day 28

Nothing really happened today just a typical sea day.

I can hardly believe we have aboard 4 weeks today.  Back last spring when Kelly brought up the idea of this trip, I have to admit I was not that thrilled, 4 months on a cruise, are you crazy! One leaving behind friends and family, two I am prone to seasickness(of the 115 days half of them are at sea), who is going to take care of my cat, house, mail, etc. I just could not get my head around , of not only being gone for 4 months but so far away, it is not like I can just say at some point “okay I want to go home now”.   Plus I really thought I would be bored with all those sea days.  Now have to say, I am really enjoying myself, not bored at all, some days I find it is too busy.  I think because most of us on this are going to be on here together for 115 days, people seem to be more friendly. It is hard to believe we still have 3 months to go, I hope I still have these same feeling another month from now, stay tuned.

Till tomorrow


1 thought on “Sea Day Feb 3rd

  1. Dianne Marsh

    Angie paid the sewer fee for you today. Tried to get a discount for both of us. Yours was easier than expected but they found it 10 ft further back than they thought so more trenching and pipe. Have paid receipt for you and hope you got the pics.


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