Sea Day Feb 4th Superbowl Party

Day 29

Yes, because we are on the other side of the International Dateline, we are watching the superbowl on Monday at 1:30p.m as it is Sunday back home, very confusing.  All morning they have decorating the Queen’s lounge and would not let us in to peek.  It is kind of incredible that we are out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and we are watching the Superbowl, live.  The waitstaff and crew were all dressed in the theme, from leatherheads, referees, and ravens.  Plus they had a buffett line set up in the lounge with all the typical football game day food, hot dogs, nachos, pizza, buffalo wings and such.  Fun time, great game.

Auckland, New Zealand 122Auckland, New Zealand 129Auckland, New Zealand 132Auckland, New Zealand 134Auckland, New Zealand 137Auckland, New Zealand 146Auckland, New Zealand 150Auckland, New Zealand 151


The passengers amused themselves during the blackout with a giant plastic football. 

Auckland, New Zealand 140

The seats that are located in the roped off area, they were selling for $55, which included your drinks during the game. No thanks


p.s. Lisa, during half time when Beyonce sang All The Singles Ladies, I had to smile while thinking that must have been Kendall’s favorite part Smile


till tomorrow


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