Moorea, French Polynesia

Day 23

January 28, 2013

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Moorea, they call this the garden island, I can understand why, it is breathtaking.  The pictures cannot capture the beauty of these islands and the waters surrounding them. The island had been getting inundated with rain the 4 days before we sailed but we had nice weather, when we sailed in this morning there were clouds hovering over Mt. Rotui and it looked so mystical.   About a week ago  there was a meeting of people who were interested in snorkeling, from this meeting there were  6 of us wanting to snorkel Moorea  but didn’t want to arrange it with the ship. The ships tour for the island was $90 pp and snorkeling was $105 pp plus you had to go with 30 or 40 other people. We thought we would just wing it and see what we could find on our own through one of the local tours. We found an island tour for $40 with just the six of us and they would drop us off at a beach for snorkeling and we could get a cab for the ride back.  So off we went with Elizabeth, our cab driver, who is married to a Tahitian, has lived on the island all of her life and has been driving a cab for 57 years, she was 77 years old.  We could not have asked for a better guide not only did she tell us about the island but we got in on some of the local island gossip, most of it was about her father and his 5 wives, haha.

Moorea 042


this is taken from Belvedere lookout with Mt. Rotui in the center, Cook’s Bay(named after Captain James Cook) on the right and Opunouhu Bay on the left, which is where we anchored.

Moorea 087

this picture is so typical in French Polynesia,  all the hotels are starting to build this bungalows out into the water where you can just step down from your porch and snorkel, plus they have a glass flooring inside, at  night they light up the area surrounding the huts which attracts the fish.  All for about $900 a night and above.

Till tomorrow


Hi All…I can only add that we got very lucky with our tour guide. We met her on the pier soon after we were dropped off by the launch. She was perfect….the real deal….she should be the Mayor of Moorea. Moorea is the most beautiful island to view from the water that I have laid eyes on. So lush & the peaks go on and on. So glad we got to land on this gem.


1 thought on “Moorea, French Polynesia

  1. John Ferguson

    These islands look amazing and it looks like you 2 are having a great time. Thank you for the pics and updates. Yesterday, I took an escape from reality and caught myself up with your blog. It warmed me up a bit looking at that nice sunshine. You 2 are very lucky, this looks like the trip of a lifetime and it has barely begun!

    You guys are in the middle of the Pacific! I looked up those islands and they are so small on google maps. It looks so amazing out in that part of the world.


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