Auckland, New Zealand

Day 31

February 6,2013


Auckland, New Zealand 056

Human statues just like Key West

Auckland, New Zealand 067Auckland, New Zealand 068Auckland, New Zealand 078Auckland, New Zealand 087Auckland, New Zealand 059

Auckland, New Zealand 096Auckland, New Zealand 098Auckland, New Zealand 119Auckland, New Zealand 118

Auckland, New Zealand 106Auckland, New Zealand 110Auckland, New Zealand 111Auckland, New Zealand 104


It is very busy in Auckland today, it is a national holiday, Waitangi Day celebrating the treaty signed between the Maori and the British.  It is a beautiful sunny day, it started out kind of cool in the mid 50’s but warmed up nicely to the low 70’s.  It is summer here but it never really get very warm here due to the cold water current,  it never gets much above 75, it gets cold in the winter but I understand it doesn’t snow. We walk all along the waterfront area, the sailing yachts here are unbelievable, what do all these people do for a living to own these mega yachts.  Being that is a holiday there it seems like everyone is either walking about, sitting in a café or out sailing.  Of course we worked up quite a thirst and were hungry after our long walk today.  We wound up at Danny Doolans an Irish pub they advertised green lip mussels but I soon found out they had already sold out of them today.  So we ended up with local fish Terakiki and chips.  We were waited on by a young lady who had just arrived here from Ireland 4 months ago, our lunch took so long she gave us another round of beers on the house.  I love the New Zealand hospitality.

Auckland, New Zealand 101Auckland, New Zealand 100

Kelly and his new car

Auckland, New Zealand 069Auckland, New Zealand 073Auckland, New Zealand 093Auckland, New Zealand 107Auckland, New Zealand 110 

This evening the ship featured a Maori  Folklore show, including dances, songs and chants of the native culture.  The show was okay not real exciting, Kelly preferred the Tahitian show, gee I wonder why?

till tomorrow



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