Tauranga, New Zealand

Day 33

February 8,2013

Tauranga, New Zealand 091Tauranga, New Zealand 015Tauranga, New Zealand 029Tauranga, New Zealand 034Tauranga, New Zealand 043Tauranga, New Zealand 045Tauranga, New Zealand 049Tauranga, New Zealand 057Tauranga, New Zealand 061Tauranga, New Zealand 066Tauranga, New Zealand 097Tauranga, New Zealand 102Tauranga, New Zealand 106Tauranga, New Zealand 111Tauranga, New Zealand 113Tauranga, New Zealand 117Tauranga, New Zealand 127Tauranga, New Zealand 133Tauranga, New Zealand 134Tauranga, New Zealand 136Tauranga, New Zealand 146Tauranga, New Zealand 147Tauranga, New Zealand 161Tauranga, New Zealand 173Tauranga, New Zealand 183Tauranga, New Zealand 067

We are in the port of Tauranga , a Maori word meaning sheltered anchorage It is  known for it’s beaches and surfing along with the kiwi, the fruit farms .Another beautiful sunny day is New Zealand, temps in the mid 70’s. A perfect day to climb Mt. Maunganui with an elevation of 800 ft. We met up with a fellow passenger, Karen, who was walking on her own and we asked if she wanted to join us on our hike, it is always more fun to share it with someone than to go it alone. First we walk the Mauao Base Track that goes all around the base of Mt. Maunganui. There is one path up that is very steep with steps going up and then a little less steep but longer path going around the mountain as it goes up to the top.  Kelly opts for the stairs and Karen & I take the longer less steep, we were treated to some of the most beautiful vistas and sheep running freely.  It was a pretty strenuous walk up but we stopped a lot to take pictures and catch our breath.  WE were rewarded at top with a fantastic view over the the Bay of Plenty.  We are pooped after our long trek so we head back to the ship to rest up for our sail away party at 5:30, rough life, I know. Loving it!


Till tomorrow


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