Napier, New Zealand

Day 34

February 9, 2013

Napier, New Zealand 005Napier, New Zealand 006Napier, New Zealand 011Napier, New Zealand 075Napier, New Zealand 040Napier, New Zealand 022Napier, New Zealand 065Napier, New Zealand 026Napier, New Zealand 027Napier, New Zealand 045Napier, New Zealand 031Napier, New Zealand 037Napier, New Zealand 089Napier, New Zealand 094

Napier, New Zealand known for it’s wine country, Hawkes Bay Winery, and it’s art deco architecture.  This area suffered devastating damage form an earthquake in 1931, a decision had to be made when they rebuilt what style to use, Art Deco was chosen as a way to attract visitors and become a seaside resort.  The residents  also get into the theme of things by dressing up in the 1930’s clothing and and display their classic cars, it is  like walking onto the set of the Great Gatsby’s.  We were also in for quite a treat when we arrived in the city center they were in the middle of a bag pipe tournament, and we were rewarded to hearing some great music.  It was quite warm today and I felt sorry for the contestants as this went on all day and they were in their Scottish woolens. I still wonder what do the men wear under those kilts, hmmm? 

the New Zealanders keep their country very clean, it is rare to find any trash or even cigarette butts on the streets. Their parks all have such beautiful flowers it is a lovely stop to sit and relax, plus there is usually free Wi-Fi in most of these cities, very tourist friendly.

Till tomorrow



Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow...aka Kelly Koper

Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow aka Kelly Koper 


What a cool place! Art deco architecture that rivals Miami Beach. And such tourist friendly locals. This sunny city on the NE side of NZ was destroyed by an epic earthquake in 1931 & rebuild in that decade with the deco look. The locals greeted us with classic cars and the fashions of that era. We enjoyed this friendly, spotless day stop to the max. At 5 bells we toss off the lines & the sail away party begins as we sail south to Wellington…capital of beautiful New Zealand.

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