Wellington, New Zealand

Day 35

February 10, 2013

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Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.We are docked right next to the ferry terminal  about a mile from the city but a shuttle is provided for us passengers as they do not want us to walk through the shipyard.  We decided to take  the cable car up to the Botanical gardens and then walk down to the city center, little did we know that this would take hours.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time walking through some of the most beautiful gardens, sorry for all the photos but I just could not decide which flower shots to post.


Tonight they had a New Zealand BBQ on deck , with wines and beer from the region. 

Wellington, New Zealand 027

Kelly the human sun dial(believe it or not it was accurate)

Wellington, New Zealand 083

We saw this scene and could not believe it a cat on a leash, never could get Mellow to do this. The owner explained to us that he lived in an apartment and this was the only way the cat could go out. The cat was one of neighbors who was moving and didn’t want to take the cat and was going to have her put down, so he adopted her, come to find out the kid and the cat were the same age 18 years old, actually to the day, as they even  share the same birthday . I said he should of named her Kismet.


till tomorrow


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