Picton,New Zealand

Day 36

February 11, 2013

Picton, New Zealand 001Picton, New Zealand 029Picton, New Zealand 030Picton, New Zealand 031Picton, New Zealand 040Picton, New Zealand 042Picton, New Zealand 047Picton, New Zealand 048Picton, New Zealand 065Picton, New Zealand 077Picton, New Zealand 082Picton, New Zealand 091Picton, New Zealand 164Picton, New Zealand 166Picton, New Zealand 178Picton, New Zealand 180Picton, New Zealand 194Picton, New Zealand 204Picton, New Zealand 207Picton, New Zealand 210Picton, New Zealand 212Picton, New Zealand 214Picton, New Zealand 223Picton, New Zealand 261Picton, New Zealand 316Picton, New Zealand 317

We left Wellington last night at 11:00p.m as it is only a short trip across Cook’s Strait to Picton in the south island.  This body of water between the Pacific and the Tasman Sea is known for being quite rough.  Slept right through it, must have rocked me to sleep, the only thing I remember is our balcony door slamming shut in the middle of the night.   What a beautiful sail through Queen Charlotte Sound to Picton.  Picton is a small seaside town at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound, lots of souvenir shops and small cafes.  Sea kayaking is very popular in this area but we opt for a hike to Bob’s Bay and Waikawa, nice views of Picton Harbor and the sound.  Some points of our walk seem like we are walking in a rain forest with large ferns all around and the buzzing of cicadas all around. The locals are all very friendly and have welcome signs for us throughout the town, plus they set up a crafts market that was very popular with the passengers.  Kelly & I enjoyed our sail away on our balcony with a bottle of wine , we were treated to a pod of dolphins, a small sailboat race and beautiful scenery in every direction. Good bye New Zealand, I enjoyed our stay, you are a very beautiful country, I will miss you. Now on to Australia.

Till tomorrow



P.S. Our weather on this trip has been absolutely beautiful so far, aside from that one day when we started out the seas have calm, no rain for us on port days, cooler weather in the 70’s now that we are out of the tropics. 


  • Its Valentines day down under as I embellish Angie’s excellent travelblog. So happy V-day to you all though I may be a bit late as we will not be able to post this until we make landfall in beautiful Sydney on Feb. 15. Picton is the south island port where we took the car ferry with our motorhome several years ago. This time we trekked mountain trails &  wandered through gorgeous gardens & waterfront delights we missed while on a motorhome trip through north&south islands several years ago. By the way…I checked this placed out on my flight sim by flying a lear jet in from Wellington. Hills everywhere. Not easy finding the airstrip. Like Foster Brooks, I needed a couple glasses of pinot to make a safe landing. My simulated passengers were happy to walk on terra firma. On to Beautiful Sydney…land of OZ!
  • Kelly

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