Sydney, Australia

Day 40

February 15, 2013

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We woke early this morning, 5:30 a.m. to watch our arriving into Sydney harbor through North & South head.  It was beautiful  watching the sunrise as we were sailing in with Sydney harbor skyline always in view, we passed under the famous Sydney Harbour bridge to our berth in Barangaroo Wharf 5 in Darling Harbor. We were suppose to dock at Circular Quay at the Rocks which is just at the foot of the bridge with the Opera house right in view, but Radiance of the Seas was docked there as they couldn’t fit under the bridge.

Well yesterday I was talking about the beautiful weather we’ve had so I must have jinxed it, there are some very dark clouds on the horizon, we were planning on going to the Taronga Zoo today, we shall have to see.  A Shuttle was provided for us to take us over to The Rocks  where the ferry terminals are located.  It is still raining but we are optimistic that it is going to clear so decide to visit the zoo.  Sydney harbor is the largest natural harbor in the world ferries being one of the most popular modes of transportation, we have to make certain we get the right Wharf#  to get us to the zoo.  Today is Friday and with rainy weather, we thought it would not be so crowded but the ferry was completely full. I am not a big fan of zoos, as I do not like to see animals enclosed, however after saying that, this is one of the nicest zoos I have visited.  And the weather even cooperated and cleared up into a very day.  It took us some 5 hours to cover it all with a brief stop for lunch. Sydney is not an inexpensive place to visit, our day at the zoo cost us $150, $12 each for for the ferry, $44 for my admission fee, $32 for Kelly(senior rate), $25 for lunch(just fish &chips), $5 for abottle of water( 3 bottles).

WE are bushed after all this walking ( 5 miles) , we need some rest as we have a lot more of Sydney to explore tomorrow.

Till tomorrow


Gaday mates!!!

That’s what the Aussie greeting sounds like anyway. Just a quick few lines as we are now tying up in Hobart, Tasmania & need to post this stuff.

Sydney is the place I would like to land if they ever throw me out of America. I love everything about it….except possibly the crush of tourists…Touring here in a cruise ship is quite different then the small motorhome we came in many years ago. entering the magnificent harbor is a treat…everything is eye candy…you rubberneck everywhere. Its almost surreal. We tie-up in Darling harbor near the “rocks”, called that because the convicts send over from England made small ones from big ones. As Angie said, it is pricy here but so worth it. The zoo is fab & for me touring Captain Cook’s “Endeavor” was a highlight. With I could write more but time is of the essence.


5 thoughts on “Sydney, Australia

  1. carolah1

    Awesome Aussie Animals!
    You can sell those photos & get back your
    Price of admission to the zoo 10x’s over!
    Love the one of the koala with leg extended Your blog Is sensational ! Like I’m on the cruise with you, but I’m usually at tennis or Publix or Someplace not nearly as exciting!
    Take care & say hi to Crocodile Dundee &
    Patrick Rafter for me!
    Carol Hirsch


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