Hobart, Tasmania

Day 43

February 18, 2013

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Gday mates,

We tie up on starboard side (rightside for the landlocked folks) which is the side our cabin is on. Lots of activity as huge lines (ropes) are tossed to waiting grabbers to secure this 780’ behemoth.

Clearing customs is quickly done and we are off on our exploration of Hobart. Hobart like many large Australian cities that were mostly build by the sweat of convicts sent over from England.

Hobart is like a mini Sydney. A  little cooler due to its higher latitude  but blessed with a wonderful river, bay & harbor. Mountains provide a stunning backdrop with beaches, trails, pubs, eateries,  cultural activities  in abundance. We picked a walking tour map and headed off toward battery point & sandy bay…boyhood home of my twin Errol Flynn….nice rhyme yes? On the way we passed the Captain( & his mate) who said he smelled food…no doubt brought on by the 5+ mile trek. On our way back we cooled down at Murphy’s pub with libations & wifi. Further on down the waterfront we ate something very unremarkable that looked remarkable on the menu. Oh well….when in Rome. We are back aboard at mid afternoon and eating again. Than to the aft pool for the sailaway party happy hour. The ship’s band (great) play and many of us look forward to a sea day to recharge our batteries. As I speak often of eating, let me say that the variety if not the quality of the ship food is excellent. I love the salads, fish (mostly), breads, & soft serve yogurts.

With all the walking on port days & gym workouts & taking the stairs on this 10 deck floating hotel, my waist line has not changed….but then the cruise is not even half over.




Kelly said it all

Till tomorrow


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