Adelaide, Australia

Day 45

February 20,2013

Australia is made of of six states, Northern Territory, Queensland,New South Wales,Victoria,Western Australia and South Australia where we are now located. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and as you can imagine is a very large city, but it has some beautiful architecture and one of the most beautiful university campuses. Our shuttle from the port left us off at Rundle’s Mall which  is a large vehicle free shopping mall.  This is the city’s main shopping area so as you can imagine it quite busy, there are street musicians, mimes, they even have Target & K-Mart. The Pipe Guy picture above was really good, his instrument was made out of PVC pipes duct taped and tied together  and he used old flip flops to hit the pipes creating a nice sound. He is on Facebook ,check him out, this may be the way he is paying for his college education.  We did not engage him in any conversation as he quite intent on his playing

This evening the ship had an Aussie Barbie by the pool including one of the local bush bands.  I cannot believe all the decorations they put up for all of these special events, a few dozens trees worth of paper. I hope they reuse these every year. Anyway it was great time with a large turnout, I don’t think anybody was in the restaurant tonight.


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