Albany, Australia

Day  49

February 24, 2013

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Hi Guys,

Albany, Australia is at the southwestern side of the island continent. A former whaling community, it is one of the less attractive ports that we visit. However, as we walked along the main street after being dropped by the shuttle, I stopped to talk to a local who stood by his 58 jaguar. Angie soon joined us and before I could get away he had Angie hooked by saying he would take us to his house where his wife was rehabbing several kangaroo’s. The local was quite a good salesman and soon we were off with 3 others on a tour in the classic Jag. Angie loved it as she got to exercise her mothering instincts with the Joey’s.

We are now heading North to Fremantle ( port to Perth). Waking up this AM I looked out the Balcony to see the red sky…(red sky’s in the morning,sailors take warning) and seeing on CNN the cyclone spinning near the NW coast….close to our track up to Bali. We are hoping it doesn’t change our itinerary. Stay tuned….



Well we rocked and rolled all night, I think everyone is glad to be docking this morning. We arrived to cloudy skies, temps in the low sixties and a forecast of rain.  As Kelly told you already I had the greatest time with this little joey’s and it just so happen to be little Molly’s feeding time so they ley me feed her bottle.  The other larger joey is Bernie and he loves to be held and gives kisses.  I was in love at first sight, this guys were friendly and lovable, not sure they are going to want to leave there and go it alone out in the wild.  During our tour it started to rain and rained off and on all afternoon, so we headed back to the ship.  Of course at our sail away the sun came out and we had blue skies, but still very windy and we are in for another rocky passage.


Till tomorrow


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