Kangaroo Island, Australia

Day 46

February 21, 2013

Kangaroo Island, Australia 001Kangaroo Island, Australia 027Kangaroo Island, Australia 029Kangaroo Island, Australia 032Kangaroo Island, Australia 040Kangaroo Island, Australia 047Kangaroo Island, Australia 062

We are Penneshaw a small village on Kangaroo Island, with a population of 1500.  The island did not look anything like I was expecting,I thought it would be green and lush, instead it looked arid and barren. Come to find out this is their dry season, I always associate summer with rains,  and they don’t want any rains right now as it is almost harvest season for their grapes. There is quite a bit of haze in the air today as there are fire in Victoria on the mainland and the winds are blowing it all in this direction.  Penneshaw is a very small village it didn’t take long to explore and it did not live up to it’s name, we never saw one kangaroo.

Kangaroo Island, Australia 021The Aboriginal Flag

Till tomorrow


P. S. I am using a different format for the pictures hoping that it does not take so long to upload, please let me know if the picture quality is poor, I will then change back. Thanks

1 thought on “Kangaroo Island, Australia

  1. Sigrid Haskell

    Hi Angie and Kelly! – /We enjoy your entries and pictures sooo much! Thank you and keeep them going. And “yes”, the picture quality is fine, if this makes it easier for you. We think about you so often and “envy” you. Enjoy your time and stay healthy. – Our love to both of you,
    Phil and Sigrid.


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