Freemantle, Australia

Days 50 & 51

February 25 & 26

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Another very rocking and rolling night, I understand there is a storm down by Antarctica with 40 ft swells and we are feeling the effects of it here.  We arrived in Freemantle at 4 in the afternoon, it is really warm here, after having weather in the 60’s in Albany it is now in the 90’s.  Thank goodness for the afternoon doctor tat blows here later in the day, I do not know why they call the afternoon wind the doctor, maybe because it makes you feel better from the heat???  Freemantle in located on the Swan River and is the port city for Perth, however we never made it to Perth, too busy exploring Freemantle.  That is the only problem with cruising you are never in one port for very long.

Till tomorrow

Hi Guys…Fremantle, the port to Perth is a cool stop on the way around the planet. A highlight for me was the maritime museum that houses the America’s cup winner: Australia 2. Strolling the city is easy as it is walker friendly with a free bus loop called the CAT also available. We found free speedy wifi at the port terminal with a/c & comfy sofa’s. We did not go up the swan river or take the train to nearby Perth as we found Fremantle took most of our available port time. As I write this we are 1 day away from Bali. Cyclone Rusty has flooded NW Australia & left some swells to exercise our sea legs but the weather has been better then we thought…after all, this is major storm season for this part of the world. Tomorrow its diving & touring in Bali. Life is good.

Stay tuned…Kelly



Freemantle, Australia 057Skip & Nanci, Kelly was looking at these suits for the next Kool & The Gang concert.

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