Manila, Philippines

Day 62

March 9, 2013

DSCN1493Manila, Phillipines 5320Manila, Phillipines 5323Manila, Phillipines 5329Manila, Phillipines 5330Manila, Phillipines 5341Manila, Phillipines 5351Manila, Phillipines 5355Manila, Phillipines 5361Manila, Phillipines 5363Manila, Phillipines 5368Manila, Phillipines 5372Manila, Phillipines 5376Manila, Phillipines 5380Manila, Phillipines 5384Manila, Phillipines 5386Manila, Phillipines 5390Manila, Phillipines 5392Manila, Phillipines 5393Manila, Phillipines 5397Manila, Phillipines 5400Manila, Phillipines 5401Manila, Phillipines 5403Manila, Phillipines 5409Manila, Phillipines 5410Manila, Phillipines 5424Manila, Phillipines 5428Manila, Phillipines 5429Manila, Phillipines 5432Manila, Phillipines 5437Manila, Phillipines 5439Manila, Phillipines 5443Manila, Phillipines 5447Manila, Phillipines 5449Manila, Phillipines 5458Manila, Phillipines 5462Manila, Phillipines 5465

Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Again we were greeted at the dock by  a local band and dancers. Docked across from us was  a U.S. naval ship. Some of the passengers were told they may want to think twice about walking around o their own.  I am not sure why, we did and no problems there was a lot of traffic you had to be careful crossing the roads.  We walked over to the Intermuros district which is the old walled city, it is Saturday and it was crowded especially with young kids.  There are a lot of local entrepreneurs  wanting to take you on a tours or ride you around in their covered tricycles other than that we were left alone.  Here is where I found a great local arts and crafts store where I bought some beautiful woven baskets. After wandering in this area for a while we needed to get away from the crowds a little and headed over to the Chinese and Japanese gardens, they were not as manicured and taken care of as I thought, but still enjoyable and cost us about $1 for an entrance fee. On the way back to the ship we stopped in to take a peek at the Manila Hotel, built back in 1912, it was beautiful with all of its artwork and chandeliers. I had to rush back to the ship as I was meeting up with her to take the shuttle to the mall in city center.  The mall was like being back in the state, very modern, 4 stories and all of the names from back home.  Even the restaurants, T.G.I. Friday, Krispy Kreme donuts, Starbucks all the chains.  We shopped a little and then went to TGIF’s to try and get on the internet, but my computer was acting up and didn’t want to connect, it is getting very temperamental.

Till tomorrow


P.S. As you can see I gave up writing about our sea days unless something happens, don’t want to bore you.

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