Hong Kong

Days 64,65 & 66

March 11-13, 2013

We arrived Hong Kong early this morning 6:30 , I have heard so many good things I was very excited to finally be here so I set alarm ordered room service for breakfast and sat out on the balcony for our sail in. Barbara our ships tour guide gave a narration of the sights along the way, it was very foggy so sorry the pictures are not the best.  We docked at Ocean Terminal which right in the city center next to the Star Ferry terminal very convenient for exploring. We are on the Kowloon district and Hong Kong is across the harbor, you can get there by either a ferry which cost 30cents or you can take a bus under the tunnel, the ferry is the easiest. Hong Kong is the financial district for Asia but from what I can see it is also the shopping capital, giving New York city a run for its money. We walked down Nathan Rd, which they refer to as the golden mile, a shopping mecca.  In a couple of pictures above you can see people waiting in line outside Prada and Gucci stores to get inside, this place is crazy, and they are not window shopping they are coming out with shopping bags full.  They are also known for there custom tailor shops here you go in pick out your fabric, they take your measurements and in 3 days you pick it up,  so as you walk along the street there are numerous tailor shops reps handing out their cards. Kowloon Park is located along Nathan Road and is an oasis of green away from all the skyscrapers and large malls, reminded a little bit of Central Park.  There is a pond, bird aviary, and manicured gardens. 

We then headed for the waterfront to the Avenue of the Stars and the Intercontinental Hotel, we thought we would have lunch here.  We checked out the menu and found out a club sandwich cost $37 US no thank you, but I could not believe how busy it was, there are a lot of wealthy people here. Across the street is the Peninsula Hotel where Oprah stays when in town, they have green Rolls Royce Limos, everyone knows it a Peninsula Hotel limo because it is green they have a monopoly on that color. 

We have arrange a ships tour tonight, a funicular ride to the top of Victoria Peak to see the evening laser light show on the buildings and then a cable car ride around Honk Kong.  Well things did not go as planned we were late to the tram, missed the 7:45 tram , didn’t get to the top till 8:15 too late for the light show, not happy.  It is a pretty view up here though. Have to say I would not recommend this tour.

Day 2

I am going to Stanley Market with my friends,  this is a very popular shopping area with various vendors, I am going to have to learn the art of bartering. We took the ferry over to Hong Kong first then hopped on a bus to Stanley.  It was a nice ride to the south side of the island.  I did some major shopping had a ball, then we had lunch at a small restaurant on the waterfront, good dim sum.  We decided to take the bus all the way back, a longer ride but we get to see a different section of the island, our fare was around $2 US. 

We were docked on the portside so Kelly & I had a beautiful unobstructed view of Hong Kong from our balcony, made for a great place for happy hour.  We saw the laser show tonight from our room, there is music that goes with the show if you go over to the clock tower  but we just hung out on the balcony with our wine and enjoyed it quietly.

Day 3

We went to the museums and saw an Andy Warhol exhibit plus some the Hong Kong museum of art, again for $2 for both of us.  We could not wander far as we had a 3:00 all aboard, we have 300 new passengers boarding, we have to have another fire drill and sail away at 5:00.  We invited Irene and Don to join us on our balcony for sailaway. It was a little clearer but still hazy.

Well that’s all for now


till tomorrow


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  1. Phyllis

    Your mom said she hasn’t received any notification from Tower Ins. About house insurance. What do you want her to do? Phyllis


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