Day 70 & 71

March 17 & 18

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Singapore, the busiest harbor in the world, Wow I can believe it.  There are cargo ships from all  over the world waiting their turn to either navigate through the harbor or anchor and wait their turn to load or unload. Once again as in the Panama Canal we have priority being a cruise ship.  I bet all officers are on the bridge with watchful eyes through all of this heavy traffic, I noticed our speed has been adjusted a few times navigating through here and our course adjusted.  Just before we entered the small port we are to dock we encountered a very strong thunderstorm with thunder and lightning which drove most of the passengers to seek cover.  We watched from the comfort of our dry balcony thanks to the large overhang from the deck above. 

We all had to claim our passports from the front office because here in Singapore each time you depart or reboard the ship you have go through passport control, luckily we are the only cruise ship in port.  The terminal is actually a very large shopping mall, three stories high and filled with every  type of shop, clothing, electronics, Starbucks, McDonalds, grocery store, etc.  The monorail and bus station is also attached making it very convenient to get into the city.  We decided we had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city scene and elected to take the cable car up to Mt. Faber for some beautiful views of the city and clean fresh air. It also seems that every Chinese tour bus in town had the same idea and it soon became very crowded.

Singapore 134 The ladies room in the Jewel Box restaurant, voted the most beautiful restroom in Singapore, I can see why the views of Singapore are beautiful.


After Mt. Faber we take the cable all the way down to Sentosa,  which I would compare to Singapore’s version of Orlando. Complete with Universal studios, SeaWorld,  a water park, a casino and various hotel chains including the Hard Rock Hotel where we stopped for lunch and cold beer after a long hot day of sightseeing.  There are free busses and trams running all around the island and we hopped on one to go check out the beaches and found ourselves in the southernmost point in continental Asia. It was a very hot day with temps in the upper 90’s and very high humidity so the beaches were a very popular place to be today. 

Till tomorrow


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