Phuket, Thailand

Day 74

March 21, 2013

Phuket was one of my favorite port stops. I had spent a week there 9 years ago on a dive trip. Later that year (2004) a devastating tsunami struck the west side of the island. With Phuket being a major tourist draw, the cleanup & rebuilding was rapid. At our day stop on the eastside we opted for a elephant camp tour. Along with the obligatory bumpy ride, we rode in a water buffalo driven cart, learned about making rice, rubber & how to spend money at the terrific Thai restaurantWinking smile. We also enjoyed a more modern ride in a wagon pulled by a Ford (whose checks made this trip possible)  tractor. Next up: Sri Lanka.




Phuket, Thailand 001Phuket, Thailand 002Phuket, Thailand 006nice boyPhuket, Thailand 014Phuket, Thailand 015Phuket, Thailand 020Phuket, Thailand 029Phuket, Thailand 035nPhuket, Thailand 041Phuket, Thailand 042Phuket, Thailand 072Phuket, Thailand 078Phuket, Thailand 090Phuket, Thailand 091Phuket, Thailand 107Phuket, Thailand 108Phuket, Thailand 110Phuket, Thailand 113Phuket, Thailand 116Phuket, Thailand 132Phuket, Thailand 138Phuket, Thailand 142Phuket, Thailand 147Phuket, Thailand 150Phuket, Thailand 151Phuket, Thailand 152Phuket, Thailand 156Phuket, Thailand 158Phuket, Thailand 160Phuket, Thailand 161Phuket, Thailand 163Phuket, Thailand 170

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