Victoria, Seychelles

Day 81

March 28, 2013

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Hello Friends,

The much anticipated Seychelles. It was on the top of my must dive list for this WC. And what a lovely day stop it proved to be. Long governed by the English then French, the buildings show the influence. Angie led a group of snorkelers 20 strong, while I joined 5 other scuba divers. The dive shop was run by expats from Holland & Canada. The 2 tank dive was splendid excluding the over crowded boat. The coral was healthy and marine life abounded with octopus, large turtles, sharks, and a variety of fish. I must add that diving here is quite pricy. 3 times more then Cozumel. After 10 hours on this beautiful Indian ocean paradise we tossed off the lines and headed SW to Madagascar.

More to come,


Kelly went diving and I organized 20 fellow passengers for a snorkeling trip at the National Marine Park off Beau Vallon beach one of the most popular beaches in the Seychelles.  The dive operation was at the Berjaya Hotel and resort if anyone is interested in the Seychelles I would recommend staying here, what a beautiful location.  We had a lovely snorkel over some nice coral, a little bleaching happening here also, but  a lot of fish and the biggest angel fish I have ever seen.  It was a very hot day in the mid nineties so it was nice to be in the water with water temps in the upper 80’s. 

The city of Victoria was very busy and a lot of traffic most likey due to being Easter weekend.  I arrived back at the ship at around 2 and after a shower and some lunch I was too tired to had back into town, plus ther is not really anything I wanted to see , this is quite an expensive area. I After snorkeling I was thirsty so bought a diet coke, $5, if that gives you any idea of the prices on this island.

We had a beautiful sunset on our sail away tonight, bright red skies behind the mountains, enough to take your breath away.

Till tomorrow,


1 thought on “Victoria, Seychelles

  1. Jim

    Great pictures,
    . I don’t see a white face on the crowded dive boat! Getting homesick yet, doesn’t sound like it!! So happy for all the good weather you have had!


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