Walvis Bay, Namibia

April 11 & 12  2013

Days 95 & 96

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Walvis Bay, Namibia is not a large port but very busy with all the fishing boats and exporting of salt from the flats.   We arrived in fog this morning which I understand is very common is these parts  due to the offshore cold currents and is the main source of moisture as the rainfall is minimal. .  The region is entirely desert and it makes quite a contrast next to sea.

The first day we just took the shuttle into town, maybe I should what there was of a town, not much there. So we then took a walk to the Walvis Bay Lagoon which is known for the large population of flamingos.  I have to say I was impressed there were flamingos as far as the eye could see,  what a beautiful site.   Some of the people on the ship went on a boat out to Pelican Point see the seals( I think it funny they call it Pelican Pont and this is where all the seals are) , we saw them all playing on our sail in this morning,  they sere mighty surprised when one of the seals decided to jump in the boat with them!  What a picture that would have made, if I ever go back that would be something I would like to do.

We are here in Walvis Bay overnight so we opted to do a tour the second day.  We took 4 WD vehicles out in the dunes to Sandwich Harbor.  What an exhilaration,  riding over these huge sand dunes, when you get to the top you  have no idea what is on the other side. We were on the tour with an older woman, Verna, you can see her pictured above, it is uncanny how much she looks like my mother. Whenever I saw her I said “Good Morning Mom” and she would come give me a hug.  She couldn’t believe the similarities either, she sent a picture of my mom to her family and told them she think she has a twin. After our ride we were served lunch in the middle of the dunes, they carried everything in, we ate on real dishes, had champagne in glass champagne flutes, very nice, loved it.

After arriving back to the ship in the afternoon we went to a show put on by the local orphanage. We had a couple of fundraisers aboard and between that and what HAL put in they walked away with $7,000. NICE!


This area was and I guess still has a large German population, so that evening the ship had an Oktoberfest on board for dinner.

What a busy fun filled day we had, we are going to sleep well tonight

Till tomorrow


P.S. I know this post is way after I arrived home but I wanted to finish my blog with the last few ports.

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