Maputo, Mozambique

Day 86

April 2, 2013

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Maputo, the largest city and capital of Mozambique located on the Indian Ocean.  Mozambique won its independence from Portugal in the mid seventies only  to fine themselves in a civil war for the next 17 years. Their economy plummeted but with the civil war ending , the port  became an important factor in helping the economy and tourism is slowly coming back.  Cruise ships are starting to return and that is definitely boosting their economy, the average family in Mozambique makes $800 a year.  The city provided a shuttle for us to a market in town where all the local vendors displayed their wares in a very safe environment for us.  Kelly did not want to head in town so I went in with Don & Irene.  It was fun bartering with all the local vendors, they were all so happy to see us and proud of their wares.  I must say I did a lot to help stimulate their economy, you can see my artist friend above who painted by carved wooden bowl.  There was a nice little snack bar where we sat and drink a cold beer as it is quite warm here and bought some local roasted cashews that re produced here. 

Till tomorrow



Mozambique…a day stop that for me was just another big city without much of a personality. Think I stayed aboard while Angie took the shuttle into the shopping area.


2 thoughts on “Maputo, Mozambique

  1. jacki

    Glad to hear from you as least we heard was with the razor wire, though maybe the pirates got you! Your time has gone quickly, thanks for the blogs, really fun.
    I guess we’ll see you in a few weeks.


    PS we are off to Daytona again, will miss you there and your camera


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