Nosy Be, Madagascar

Day 86

March 30, 2013

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The island looks beautiful from the sea, green and mountainous and we were greeted by locals in their canoes wanting to sell us their wares. One guy had fresh fish, I cannot understand how he thought we would be interested in buying his fish maybe he was just proud of his catch.  Our impressions of this port changed quickly as soon as we tendered shore.  The dock was not in the best of shape and not really suited for tendering. Kelly & I had no problems but some of the guests have limited mobility and was not an easy task for them. The ferry, supply boat was also in at the same time which made for a very congested harbor, there were people walking around with their chickens in one hand and their other supplies either on their head or shoulders. I along with most everyone on the ship wonder why in the world we stop here. It was utterly filthy with nothing really to do but walk along the very crowded streets. I am not even sure the residents wanted us there as I did not feel very welcome  and most were not very friendly. 


Till tomorrow



Madagascar was  not a favorite of mine as we had to tender in to a primitive pier. While on the tender ride a unwell person seated behind me coughed incessantly. I thought I could feel  the virus entering my body. The town was very crowded,  dirty, smelly…not a good place to take your mother. A memorable sight was crabs covered with mud (to keep them fresh??). It appeared the locals like chicken as they carried dead ones like trophy’s around town.


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