Cape town, South Africa

April 7-9, 2013

Days 91, 92 , 93

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It is funny you never know where is going to take you. When I was here back in 2006 I never dreamed I would come back and yet here I am.  Sailing into Cape town is quite an extraordinary experience even if it is the early morning hours and in the rain.  One of the most famous landmarks has to be Table Mountain and this morning it is shrouded in what they call the “tablecloth”.  This is a weather phenomenon where a cloud gathers over the mountain and covers it just like a tablecloth as you can see in the second picture. We are docked in the container port which is only a 1/2 mile from the V& A Waterfront, a fairly new area with a huge shopping mall, numerous outdoor cafes, a Ferris wheel and usually you can find various street musicians playing. 

Kelly & I are both still sick with this cold bug and it is damp & cold so we took the shuttle into the waterfront area and just strolled around the waterfront, we arrived here on a Sunday and it was very busy. The last time we were here we did not go to Robbin Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 17 years, so we bought tickets to go Tuesday morning our last day here, it was sold out for Monday.  As I write this Mandela was released from the hospital battling a bout of pneumonia, everyone here is very worried about his health as he has hospitalized 3 times since February.  Unfortunately our trip was cancelled due to high swell, they call” Cape Rollers”.

Our second day here it rained a lot during the day, our colds are really getting the best of us, we do not seem to have very much energy and this cool damp weather is not helping us. One of our fellow passengers gave us a couple of tickets for a sunset sail on the “Spirit of Victoria” a 50 ft schooner, we were feeling so lousy we passed them along to some other fellow passengers.  Unfortunately for them the sail was cancelled due to weather, again the swell.

On our third day as I told you our trip to Robben Island was cancelled so we rode the Hop On Hop Off bus around the city a little and then out to Hout Bay and along the coastline, stunning views.  If any of you visit a large city that has one of these Hop On Hop Off busses, I highly recommend it, we had 17 stops with a full narration of the area.  As the name says you can Hop On or hop off at any one of the stops and then pick up the next bus. 

We had a beautiful sail away, clear skies, but first we had to wait for Queen Mary II to dock before we could set sail, she is also on a world cruise.

Till tomorrow



Hello All…what can I say about Cape Town except go there too see this world class city for yourselves. The mountains, beaches, wine lands, shopping…the 3 days we stayed there went by so quickly. Check out the picture of the red man…he was made of coca cola crates.  Many got off at this port to go on safaris or places like Victoria falls.  We took a hop on, hop off bus around the city & beaches and were weathered out of Robbin island as Angie mentioned. Nobody on the ship, as far as we know, did the great white shark cage dive. We did it several years ago when we toured south Africa by rental car. Very exhilarating.

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1 thought on “Cape town, South Africa

  1. anne finnin

    I’ve been reading all the blogs, what a great job you doing keeping all us stuck in boring Citrus County envious. So many wonderful pictures, hope you’re loving all the adventures. Looking forward to having you back in the fold.


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