day 1 athens

we arrived to Athens airport around 5:00 and were very surprised to not have to gomthrough customs or immigration. we collected our luggage and now had to make our way to,our hotel which is in Port of Pireaus about sn hours drive. We had two,options to take a cab for about $100 or take the bus for 10 euro aboit $15. We were a little concerned about taking the bus as it was dark and we did not know the area we going but hey life is an adventure right? so off we set on the bus knowing we had to get off at NAT station but were wondering how we know when we arrived, well thank to,some friendly english speaking greeks on the bus we got off at the right place and it was a short 10 minute walk to our hotel. this seems like a nice area so walking around night was not a problem at all, we never felt unsafe.



this hotel had the smallest elevator I have ecer seen, kelly and i both could fit , haha when we got to the room it seems like everything in this hotel is small from our shower to the room. Oh well who cares we tired and needed a shower and some rest.

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