Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel

Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 006Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 007

The Jerusalem cross

Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 078

Well this is the day we have been waiting for, the  main reason for coming on this trip, to visit the Holy Land and we were not disappointed.

Our first stop was Mt. Olives, even though it was very hazy this morning, we had a nice overview of Old Jerusalem.

Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 065Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 009Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 025 

The Golden gate of Jerusalem


Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 062Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 056

Basilica of the Agony

Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 301

Garden of Gethsemane and its 2000 yr old olive trees

Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 305

Mt Zion and King David’s Tomb, there is a men and women’s entrance to the tomb and surprisingly enough men had to cover their heads not women.

Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 075Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 319Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 331Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 336Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 339Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 341Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 079

We are now entering the old city of Jerusalem through the Jaffa gate through the Christian Quarter on our way to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, we followed part of the Via Dolorosa(Way of the Cross ) and the stations of the cross. 

Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 092Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 096Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 104Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 110Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 186

  Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 134Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 149Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 157Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 174Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 175Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 180

The tomb of Jesus


Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 170

now on the Jewish Quarter in side the Old City

Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 188Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 202Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 203

The Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall inside the Jewish Quarters


Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 229Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 234Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 237Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 250Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 252Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 265Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 270Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 275Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel 289

We arrived in Jerusalem on Friday and that means at 6p.m. starts the Sabbath and continues until 6p.m. Saturday evening,  a lot of the shops starting closing early around noon to start preparing for the Sabbath. Traffic was very light and after noon local bus service stopped and in the evening all train services stop. 

It is amazing to me that all of these religious sects  Christian, Jews , Muslims  are all located in the Old City such a small area and most of the time seem to make it work and respect each other.  I  was really nervous about coming to this part of the world with all the conflict.  I expected to see a lot of military and police presence but that wasn’t the case here, actually it seemed quite safe.  We were told by our guide not to worry as they had defense missiles if they did happen to be attacked.  I did not really think much about any of this while touring around though,   seeing all of these sacred places and following in the footsteps of Christ has to be one of the most special moments in my life.,  I really cannot not explain it in words.

It has been a very long day about a 9 hour tour today so after arriving back to the ship we had dinner and called it a night, another long tour scheduled for tomorrow in Haifa.

Stay tuned

2 thoughts on “Ashdod,(Jerusalem), Israel

  1. Hal

    It kind of makes you a little religious when you walk in the steps of Jesus. To be there was one of our best experiences. It’s hard to equate our life to those 2000 years ago. Visiting the actual sites fills in the knowledge of those time as opposed to our times.
    Hope to see you on your return.
    Hal & MA


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