Haifa,9port of Nazareth) Israel

As you can see the weather is still beautiful, sunny and in the mid 70’s

Today we took a tour of Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee about an hours drive, we were not given headsets for this tour so it was very hard to hear our guide, so many of the sites I did not understand the full meaning  which took away from the experience.

Haifa, Israel 680Haifa, Israel 937Haifa, Israel 892Haifa, Israel 929Haifa, Israel 950

Mt. Carmel and the Baha’i Gardens  a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Haifa, Israel 905Haifa, Israel 690Haifa, Israel 694Haifa, Israel 700Haifa, Israel 912Haifa, Israel 917Haifa, Israel 920Haifa, Israel 922Haifa, Israel 925

The Basilica of the Annunciation the largest in the Middle East and is maintained by the Franciscan monks.   Below the church contains the grotto which is said where lived lived and the site of the annunciation.

Haifa, Israel 725Haifa, Israel 727Haifa, Israel 738Haifa, Israel 742Haifa, Israel 750

Haifa, Israel 758Haifa, Israel 767Haifa, Israel 777

Haifa, Israel 784Haifa, Israel 785Haifa, Israel 788

Tabgha located on the Northwestern side of the Sea of Galilee is home to the Church of Primacy, Mount of the Beatitudes and Capernaum.

Church of the Primacy located on the Sea of Galilee  is the site of the multiplication of loaves of bread and fish and where Jesus instructed Peter to “Feed my sheep”

Haifa, Israel 799Haifa, Israel 805Haifa, Israel 813

Capernaum where Jesus lived for a time

Haifa, Israel 815Haifa, Israel 819Haifa, Israel 831Haifa, Israel 836

The Mount of the Beatitudes, the site of the Sermon on the Mount

Haifa, Israel 840Haifa, Israel 844Haifa, Israel 851Haifa, Israel 858

Jordan River where Jesus was baptized by John

Haifa, Israel 864Haifa, Israel 867Haifa, Israel 878Haifa, Israel 880Haifa, Israel 884


We were suppose to leave Haifa today but due to some maintenance issues, the emergency generator,  we will now overnight here and leave tomorrow at around noon. This now allows us some time to walk around Haifa see the Baha’I gardens which are stunning,  and walk around the German colony.

back to Turkey tomorrow.

Stay tuned

1 thought on “Haifa,9port of Nazareth) Israel

  1. carolah1

    Hi Angie, Your trip looks amazing! Thank you for sharing. Did you go into the grotto at the Annunciation church? What’s been the most amazing thing for you so far? The pictures sho so much history. Take care, Carol

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