Alanya, Turkey

Our Captain Tim Roberts who took over the ship in /Athens as the prior captain had to be helicoptered off for a gastrointestinal blockage.



Alanya is located on the southern coast of Turkey.  The old city city is complete with a castle and walled in old city built in 1226. .  Alanya has grown in the last few years becoming a resort destination very popular wit the Germans, there is a large population of German who have retired here.  We bought tickets to explore the Red Tower, the ship yard and the Damlatas caves located near Cleopatra Beach.  It was a strenuous walk and the steps in the Red tower are very steep and high and I imagine quite slippery if wet.  The views were beautiful and I can see why they built their fortress on this spot, nobody can go in or out of the harbor unnoticed.   The waters here in Turkey are beautiful, so clean and clear, if it were only warmer for swimming. If anyone has ever thought of coming to this part of the world I would recommend seeing Turkey, the coast is beautiful.

Once again we were docked alongside the World cruise ship and it has been confirmed by our captain that indeed you buy your cabin on this ship and the “residents”  determine the ports of call.  As we were docking I noticed some of the balconies have their own private hot tubs, wow! 


We worked up quite a thirst walking up the tower s o we stopped and had a fresh squeezed glass of pomegranate juice, delicious.




That’s all for now, tomorrow Rhodes.

Stay tuned

1 thought on “Alanya, Turkey

  1. linda

    I can just see your next email – “we just sold our place in FL & bought a two bedroom on the World Cruise ship. Only drawback no tennis courts, but we’ll survive! See ya!!”.


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