Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes, Greece 004old walled cityRhodes, Greece 018Rhodes, Greece 020Church of St. PanteleimonChurch of the Virgin of the Burgh 14th centuryPangias GateRhodes, Greece 031spongesRhodes, Greece 040Rhodes, Greece 044Rhodes, Greece 070Rhodes, Greece 077Rhodes, Greece 083medieval moatRhodes, Greece 106Rhodes, Greece 108Rhodes, Greece 110Rhodes, Greece 114Rhodes, Greece 120Rhodes, Greece 122Palace of the Grand MasterRhodes, Greece 138Rhodes, Greece 140Rhodes, Greece 146

Rhodes is the 3rd largest island in Greece. The Knights of St. John came to Rhodes in 1309 and constructed a fortified wall around the city to protect it from invaders.  This medieval city is a UNESCO World Heritage site with the stone paved streets, Knights buildings, squares ,shops , it sis very easy to picture this town back in the medieval times with the knights all on horseback.  WE had a lovely walk around the old city and out to the marina area near the new city but had to rush back to the ship as it started thundering.  We arrived back at the ships terminal and the skies let looses, so we sat the local café and went on the computer till it let up.  This in one of the stops that was added as an alternative to our original Egypt itinerary, have to say I wasn’t disappointed, it is a beautiful place.

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