Katakolon, Greece

Katakolon, Greece 001Katakolon, Greece 003Katakolon, Greece 006Katakolon, Greece 010Katakolon, Greece 011Katakolon, Greece 026Katakolon, Greece 032Katakolon, Greece 037Katakolon, Greece 038Katakolon, Greece 039

Katakolon is a small seaport village on the shores of the Ionian Sea.  The main reason for the stop here it is the port for Olympia and the Temple of Zeus.  We had already visited Olympia on a previous trip se decided to stay put in the village.   The streets along the waterfront is lined with waterfront cafes and behind them all the souvenirs shops you could want, I already have bought olive oil from Turkey and Greece I am waiting for our ports in Italy, Spain, and Portugal to load the last remaining space in my bag. There is a hop on hop off small train that runs to a winery and the other side of the hilltop to a beach area for 6euros. It was a beautiful sunny day temps in the low 70’s , we did not stop at the winery but continued on to the beach where a hotel was situated on the hillside where we sat and a freshly squeezed class of juice and enjoyed the view.

I did have news today that darkened my mood, I learned that my mom is in the hospital,  I feel terrible that I am away from her at this time.  If anyone who is reading this see or talks to her please tell her I love and miss her and will be home soon.

Tomorrow a sea day before our arrival in Sicily.

Stay tuned

2 thoughts on “Katakolon, Greece

  1. Rebecca Godchaux


    I’ve been reading and enjoying the post of your trip. You and Kelly are getting to see so much!

    I’m sorry to hear about your Mom and y’all are in my thoughts and prayers.



    Becky Godchaux 85 Tingler Lane Marathon, FL 33050 Phone 305-289-3939 Fax 305-289-3929 Cell 305-849-5554

  2. Jim

    From what the girls say she is back to normal and doing everything for herself at the rehab place. LOL I really think you should think more about taking her off the cumaden. Seems like all the problems involve the cumaden! She is being cared for so enjoy the trip!!


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