Messina(Sicily), Italy

Messina,(Sicily), Italy 015Messina,(Sicily), Italy 018Messina,(Sicily), Italy 027Messina,(Sicily), Italy 030Messina,(Sicily), Italy 043Messina,(Sicily), Italy 051Messina,(Sicily), Italy 057Messina,(Sicily), Italy 058Messina,(Sicily), Italy 062Messina,(Sicily), Italy 070Messina,(Sicily), Italy 071Messina,(Sicily), Italy 076Messina,(Sicily), Italy 081Messina,(Sicily), Italy 082Messina,(Sicily), Italy 093Messina,(Sicily), Italy 097Messina,(Sicily), Italy 100Messina,(Sicily), Italy 107Messina,(Sicily), Italy 114Messina,(Sicily), Italy 123Messina,(Sicily), Italy 131Messina,(Sicily), Italy 133Messina,(Sicily), Italy 137Messina,(Sicily), Italy 143Messina,(Sicily), Italy 144Messina,(Sicily), Italy 158Messina,(Sicily), Italy 168

Sicily the land of Don Corleone, The Godfather. Weather is great sunny and in the low 70’s.

Most people when they arrive in Messina head straight to Mt Etna and never see much of this city which is very picturesque and the architecture is beautiful.  Our first stop was the 12 th century Duomo(cathedral) and bell tower, which was damaged in the 1908 earthquake but later restored.  this cathedral was beautiful(my pictures do not even come close to showing the beauty)  with all the beautiful paintings on the ceiling and the huge columns lining each side. We walked up to the Church of Jesus Christ on top of the hill, the roads are very steep and lots of stairs, this is how people stay in shape over here eating all the pasta, the great wines, and all the sweets.  Speaking of sweets we stopped at a bakery along the way(the picture with the three in lime green shirts) which was in just one of the residential areas where I do not think the get many tourists, one of the bakers in the back came out and wanted to buy a US dollar from me for his collection, that was the first for me.   We enjoyed walking the streets, we were even welcomed to town by a woman up in her balcony( she didn’t speak any English so it took me a while to figure how what she was saying, that is part of the fun).   Before heading back to the ship we stopped and had a cannoli , our port specialist Abilio said this is a must here, what he didn’t tell us was how big they were but he was right this was the best cannoli I have ever eaten. 

After leaving Messina we sailed through the scenic Messina straits on our way to Naples.

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