Naples, Italy

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The weather today is looking like rain and in the 60’s need to take our umbrellas. The last time we were here we headed out to Sorrento and the Isle of Capri so today we wanted to explore the city of Napoli(Naples).   Today is Sunday so I thought it would be quiet and low key, boy was I wrong,  the streets and piazzas were quite crowded.  In the Piazza Municipo(sp?) was massive and there were streets performers like in Key West the one that fascinated us the most was the two Indonesians in the picture above, one was sitting crossed legged with the other holding him up one handed on top of a bamboo pole, they sat like this for hours  perfectly still, when we came through later they had switched places. We could not find any support the guy holding the other up had for his arm, amazing! The picture of me above has Mt Vesuvius in the background.   After walking around for few a hours we had to stop and have wine and pizza, this is where pizza was founded.   The last photo is the  large passenger terminal here inside the second floor is full of stores and as more chocolate vendors than I have ever seen in one place  We made it back to the ship just in time for the skied to open up and the wind to blow . 

Seeing as we were in Italy we made reservations for this evening’s dinner in the Canaletto, the italian specialty restaurant on board.  When we were on the Amsterdam this was a free alternative restaurant, now they are charging.  While at dinner we left the port and the captain warned us we were in for a bumpy  ride to Civitavecchia(Rome) with winds 40+ knots and seas 12-15 ft, yikes!


Tomorrow a sea day.

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